Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our great pleasure to announce the 5th Adriatic Liver Forum (ALF) conference to be held on 1st March 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. The topic of this monothematic conference will be Liver and the infections. As in previous years the conference is co-organised by the University Hospital Dubrava and Croatian Society of Gastroenterology.

We are witnessing global efforts to eradicate viral hepatitis which still represent significant burden in terms of liver related morbidity, mortality and costs for health systems. Whereas effective vaccines for HBV and antiviral drugs for HCV have generally resulted in decreasing incidence and prevalence of viral hepatitis, it is estimated that at least 3.2 million of people in EU have viremic HCV. Hepatitis B and C infections account for 96% of the global mortality from hepatitis-related end stage liver disease. Patients with cirrhosis, particularly decompensated are under increased risk of developing bacterial infections with an incidence 4 times higher as compared general population. In these patients infections increase mortality 4-fold reaching 63% at 1 year. Therefore, severe bacterial infection occurring in patient with decompensated cirrhosis has been suggested to represent a distinct stage in natural history of cirrhosis with most worrisome prognosis. In addition, there is still significant gap between the number of patients who die from liver failure and organs available for transplantation. These aspects will be discussed in depth at the upcoming meeting.

The speakers will be eminent experts in the field from ten European countries including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia and United Kingdom. From its foundation Adriatic Liver Forum has been well accepted by hepatologists from the wider geographic area of Central-South-Eastern Europe as the platform for exchange of knowledge and establishing collaboration in hepatology, all in spirit of peace and friendship. In this line, we are very happy over the fact that tight connection has been established with the Central European Hepatology Collaboration, which is going to hold its meeting in Zagreb the day after ALF conference and we share many Faculty members.

The scientific value of ALF conference has been recognized by the most eminent national and international professional organizations and we are proud to announce endorsements by European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), Croatian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology of the Croatian Medical Association, University of Zagreb School of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry.

Participation at the conference will be accredited according to regulations of Croatian Medical Chamber and all participants will be granted certificate of attendance.

Looking forward to meeting you in Zagreb!

Co-presidents of the Adriatic Liver Forum 2020 conference

Assoc. prof. Ivica Grgurevic, MD PhD                   Assoc. prof. Zeljko Puljiz, MD PhD