Adriatic Liver Forum 2019 


08:30-10:00  SECTION I: Viral hepatitis

Chairs: MacDonald D, Ljubicic N, Ostojic R

Hepatology: predictions for the future (Pinzani M, UK)

Effectiveness of DAA therapy: Real life data from Central Europe (Flisiak R, PL)

On the road to eradicate hepatitis C: Croatian national strategy (Vince A, HR)

Post SVR follow-up in chronic HCV: When is it necessary? (MacDonald D, UK)

Hepatitis B: should we stop NUCs and when? (Husic Selimovic A, BH)

10:30:12:00 SECTION II: Role of microbes in noninfective liver conditions

Chairs: Pinzani M, Jarcuska P

HBV reactivation in the immunocompromised patient (Milovanovic T, SRB)

Bacterial Infections Change Natural History of Cirrhosis Irrespective of Liver Disease Severity (Tsochatzis E, UK)

Infections in severe alcoholic hepatitis (Pavlov C, RUS)

The role of gut microbiota in the progression of NAFLD to HCC (Kukla M, PL)

The role of microbes in PBC (TBD, SLO)

12:15-13:00 LUNCH SESSION: Ultrasound for hepatologists

Introductory lecture: US in liver cirrhosis: diagnosis and follow-up (Manolev A, MK)

Hand-on session: Lalovac M, Majerović M, Matic V, Mustapic S, Stojsavljevic S

13:00-14:00 LUNCH

14:00-15:30 SECTION III: Infections in patients with liver cirrhosis

Chairs: Tsochatzis E, Hunyadi B, Ladic D

SBP: a diagnostic algorithm for clinicians and future perspectives (O'Brien A, UK)

Type and prognostic impact of infectious agents in patients with cirrhosis (Grgurević I, HR)

Early predictors of bacterial infection in cirrhosis: CRP and other biomarkers (Papp M, HU)

Proton pump inhibitors and the risk of bacterial infections in cirrhosis (Puljiz Z, HR)

Predictive value of gut dysbiosis on ACLF mortality: the role of probiotics? (Milić S, HR)

16:00-17:30 SECTION IV: Infections in the transplantation setting

Chairs: Hrstic I, Salkic N, Skladany L

Risk factors for early viral infections after liver transplantation (Premužić M, HR)

The drug-drug interaction potential of antiviral agents for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection in liver transplant recipients (Filipec Kanizaj T, HR)

ACLF due to bacterial infection -indications and timing for liver transplantation? (Jukic L, HR)

Prophylaxis against CMV infection in the transplanted patients? (Sperl J, CZ)